Quarta-feira, 27/09

-Blusa Marni

-Calça Carina Duek

-Blazer Brunetto Cucinelli

-Bolsa Proenza Schouler

-Óculos Doshow caramelo – Helena Bordon

Shop online: www.byhelenabordon.com

Shop the look:

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Making Your Closet A Happy Space

Growing up, my closet was an absolute MESS (I’m sorry, Mom). I basically shoved as many Forever21 shirts as I could and paid no attention to how the space looked or made me feel. I’d rarely clean it out (because the more clothes the better, right?!) and didn’t think much of it. Then in college, I went to a friend’s house and saw her closet for the first time. To say that it was a life-changing moment is an understatement—her closet was organized, simple, and it had the most relaxing energy. That might sound crazy, I get it, but experiencing a closet like that made me rush home to fix mine for good. Now, my closet is one of my favorite spots in the house, and not just because it’s full of fashion. Here’s what I took away from her seriously inspiring closet and stick to 10 years later:

Shoes need their own spot
Before my closet facelift, I used to toss my shoes on the floor under my clothes. It honestly stresses me OUT to even think about it now, but a shoe rack (or racks) is imperative (like this). I have one on the back of my door for everyday shoes – sneakers, booties, sandals – and then keep anything larger or more expensive – nice heels, rain boots, tall boots – on their own shelf. I can admire them all, and each pair has a designated place to be stored (so zen!) – plus, they don’t get ruined from being smushed on the floor.

Hangers matter
My friend had nice hangers (these) which she swore made a difference, so I splurged. I pulled together leftover money from my college job and bought beeeautiful, quality hangers. Clothes don’t constantly fall off, and these relieve any dents that you’d get from the cheap ones. Plus, the look of the same hanger throughout is part of the calm vibe my closet was in desperate need of. You’re looking at your closet every single day, so why not make it appealing to the eye?

Organization is key
I still blame my friend for my closet-OCDness, but I now keep everything color-coordinated and in sections (yes, I’m that girl). White tanks are followed by white short-sleeves followed by white long-sleeves, and so on. My jeans are hung together in their own space, as are my dresses. It’s detailed, but beyond worth it to know where everything is.

Seasons change things
Before the life-changing closet haul, I was keeping my winter coats next to summer dresses which turned out to be a big, messy mistake. I now store away seasonal clothes when it’s not that time of year. I store flat bins for smaller items in the garage and keep winter coats in the hall closet when it’s hot out. I understand not everyone has room for this, but keeping only what you’ll wear in the next month or two in your closet seriously changes life, so find a way to manage this!

Less is more
And finally, the most important part: getting rid of old clothes or things that don’t – and will never! – fit. Even if you have a large closet (which I don’t), you don’t need to fill it. Not only is my closet kept to a minimalistic, streamlined state, but I also make good money selling clothes once I’m over them. Donating the rest makes me feel great, so it’s basically a win all around. I go through my closet every couple months to assess whether I’ve worn something in the last six months. If not and it’s not getting packed away, byeeee! If getting rid of stuff is hard for you, read ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing‘ by Marie Kondo for inspiration.

Give your closet a little love and let me know how you feel!




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Graubünden Visual Diary: St.Moritz


My trip to Graubünden part 2.

St.Moritz famously hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1928 and 1948, and today it’s known as the cradle of modern winter sports.  No wonder my friends who are seasoned skiers disappear off London to ski in St.Moritz every February.  Apart from being the world class winter destination for winter sports, it’s also a popular destination for summer activities, leisure, shopping or weekend breaks.  The electrifying backdrop speaks for itself.  You can’t leave St.Moritz without sampling its famous Swiss chocolates, the cakes and beverages at Hauser Cafe and Hotel is one of the best places for authentic Swiss creamy chocolate treats.

Here are some of my highlights of the trip.  Scenery and greenery, mostly.



|| St.Moritzersee ||

Probably one of the most spectacular lakes I’ve ever seen, you have a giant theatre in front of you.  It’s actually a smaller than the main lakes in St.Mortiz – Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana. The beautiful surrounding lake of Upper Engadin Valley, is used for water sports in summer and winter sports in winter.  Can’t imagine what it’s like to skate across the frozen lake during the cold winter months, I wonder if you can do ice-fishing here too.  I would just sit here and watch the man and his dog on the paddle board all day long.




|| BBQ at Lej Marsch ||

Summer gets really hot and humid in St.Moritz, a perfect excuse to dip or soak your tired feet in the lake or bathing pond, a BBQ and picnic with with friends and family whilst enjoying the cool mid summer evenings.  Lej Marsch is the perfect location for it.  Nestled in the forest of St.Moritz, only accessible on foot, a popular site for caravaners and campers alike, the abandoned former Olympic jumping hill now an old monument is also located in the forest.

Veggies on skewers, sizzling hot sausages and screaming hot potatoes.  What a perfect evening to end the first day in St.Moritz.




|| Hiking From Muottas Muragl To Alp Languard ||

We took a cograilway* up to Muottas Muragl upper terminus, spent some time snapping pictures of the panoramic view, it was breathtaking.  We were blessed with the wonderful weather, not so hot and not so cold, but you can see overcast in the far distance.  I was wearing a convertible hiking trousers, I can unzip the bottom trouser legs if needed to be.

The 2.5 hour hike started off as easy on flat terrain, safe, no problem.  After an hour it got a little challenging with the pathway became steep and slightly rocky, one mis-step, you’ll fall and die.  The views were breathtaking, you can see the lakes in the distance and beyond, para-gliders dancing overhead in the sky.  I didn’t bring my walking pole with me this time, it could have relieved the stress on my body during the ascent, I was carrying a hiking backpack, a camera around my neck and an action camera in my left hand, imagine like running on steep hill with potato sacks over your shoulders and feeling breathless while walking pigeon steps. This showed how unfit I was.  But hey, the hike wasn’t that bad.


A build up of lactic acid in the leg muscles and shortness of breath during the last stretch of hike, it was running for a marathon, legs and thighs felt heavy and sore like no tomorrow.  Once you ascended on the top there you see a restaurant 400 metres away, yes a restaurant, food, it wasn’t a mirage at all.  Upon arrival, this un-fit body deserved a gold medal for reaching the gruelling 2.5 hour finishing line.  A storm came out of nowhere, this couldn’t have come at a better time.  The hungry wolves took shelter at Bergrestaurant, I ordered a hearty warm meal enough to fill me my stomach for another few hours – Bratwurst with rosti and onion sauce, and hot green tea.  Simple food, simple happiness.



Calm after the storm, we took a chairlift* down to Pontresina.  A much slower pace of a roller coaster ride.  Not to be missed!


|| Stand-Up Paddling at Silvaplana ||

You can’t leave Graubunden without having a go at stand-up paddling at Silvaplana.  SUP has been gaining popularity around the globe for the last decade, watching some GOPRO video clips on Youtube, I was itching to have a go.  Did you know you can practice yoga on a paddle board too?  I can’t imagine doing a headstand pose on a paddle board while floating and constant motion on water.

After a quick demonstration from the instructor, I threw on a tight wetsuit, grabbed a paddle board and paddle with action camera attached, and headed straight to the lake.  I must say, the board was quite heavy to carry, the paddle boarders in the Youtube video made it look so easy.  Thankfully,  SUP was very manageable, the water was still, no rocky motion, just needed to get my posture right as I was leaning forward a lot. Fist pump for not falling off the paddle board.

Swiss Kitesurf GmbH – Sportzentrum Mulets, 7513 Silvaplana, Switzerland.



|| Where I Stayed ||

A 2 night stay at the youth hostel, Jugendherberge St.Moritz.  The modern youth hostel in a contemporary building is located in the beautiful and peaceful area in Upper Engadin, and positioned in the edge of the forest with an open area.  A stone throw away from the town centre, the bus stop is right in front of the door step with efficient timetable.

The youth hostel has 306 rooms, 3 of the modern rooms is suitable for wheelchair users – 13 rooms with 2 beds and washbasin, 16 double rooms with shower w/c, 16 double rooms with shower w/c, 8 rooms with 4 beds and shower w/c, and 54 rooms with 4 beds and washbasin.  Like the previous youth hostel I stayed in, there are no in-room entertainment such as tv and no access to wifi. There are free wifi access on the ground floor, if you need a stronger wifi connection it’s located near the front desk in the reception area.  Amenities include a complimentary breakfast buffet (incl.), a spacious casual restaurant and bistro room, a fireplace room, 2 game rooms, ski and waxing room, tv room, laundry room for guests’ use, ski and bike rooms, and many more.  Packed lunch available on request.

I had my own private room for 2 nights.  A spacious 2 double bed with shower w/c big enough to fit a small family, with a window view overlooking the open green and woodlands, so peaceful in fact I slept very soundly.  Dinner was very chilled and lovely.  Non-intimidating, safe, friendly atmosphere, and the vibe is alternative.  I really enjoyed my stay there.  Wish I came better prepared with amenities next time, bring my own travel hairdryer, hand soap and a portable kettle.


Like Davos guest card, all hotel guests receive a free St.Moritz guest card to enjoy some benefits in duration of your stay in St.Moritz, the guest card covers unlimited free cable car rides and public transport, discount on admissions – outdoor sport facilities, bike and boat rental, golf and many more.  St.Moritz guest card is available to guests who stay more than one night in commercially rented accommodations in St.Moritz.  Prices and conditions on enquiry, and benefits differs season to season.  Check out the official website for more detailed information about the St.Moritz guest card, and terms and conditions.

Kit Lee was a guest of Graubünden Tourist Board, and return flights courtesy of Swiss Air.

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Bonjour Paris!

A nossa última parada finalmente chegou: Paris! Hoje começa oficialmente a semana de moda francesa.

Paris além de ter desfiles importantíssimos no calendário fashion é uma cidade que realmente inspira qualquer um! E aqui estamos para o próximo fashion week que serão de muitos looks, tendências e novidades para vocês.

Para adiantar um pouquinho do que está por vir, o PFW, é onde desfilam grandes maisons como Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Balmain, Givenchy, e Christian Dior. Esse temporada de SS17 vem com duas grandes estréias: A nova diretora criativa da Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri vai apresentar seu primeiro show dentro da maison, e o querido Anthony Vaccarello vai estrear sua primeira coleção para a Saint Laurent. Já dá para imaginar a emoção, né?

Enquanto ainda não sabemos as tendências das maisons, vamos fazer uma retrospectiva dos looks que a Helena usou na última PFW. Qual é o preferido de vocês?


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9 Perfect On-the-Go Bag and Shoe Combos to Help You Look Chic in Life’s Busiest Moments


Let’s face it: accessories that work together make getting dressed a whole lot easier. Life isn’t always so kind, and sometimes we need to rush around a bit more than we’d like to. Whether you’re running late to a lunch meeting or to pick up the kids from school, comfortable, functional wardrobe mainstays are always on your side.

We’ve already taken a close look at the bags and shoes that will dominate this season, but now we went back to see which bag and shoe combos would be worthwhile for your on-the-go schedule. Below, we’ve rounded up the best sneakers, flats and slides to coordinate with the best lightweight, easy-to-wear crossbody and shoulder bags. Whether you’re very busy or simply enjoy hassle-free accessories, then these pairs are here to help.

My Response To Vogue.com

Alright, so here’s what happened…http://www.vogue.com/13483417/milan-fashion-week-spring-2017-vogue-editors-chat/

Vogue.com released an article with an “Editor’s chat,” focused on their thoughts surrounding Milan Fashion Week, which turned into an article that criticized and insulted bloggers. Many fired back with “as a matter of facts” defending themselves and their business. Here’s what I had to say:

weworewhat: As I sat with friends watching the debate last night, I felt anxiety about the future of our country. Watching two presidential hopefuls argue over tax reform, immigration and racial profiling amongst petty insults and interruptions was discouraging to say the least. On a more personal level, I woke up this morning to the published commentary of Vogue and Vogue.com editors essentially bullying “bloggers” and I thought, if women can’t even support each other in a female-centric industry, then we really are screwed.

I’ve always felt the word “blogger” is reductive and non-descriptive of what I and many others like myself do. I am an entrepreneur, an influencer, a business woman…and yes, I have a blog too. It saddens me that a respected institution such as Vogue would insult bloggers and attempt to discourage young woman from forging their own career paths, by expressing themselves through what Vogue represents; personal style fashion.

I’ve always felt my “brand” to be slightly more commercial than high end, but that doesn’t mean I don’t aspire to work with Vogue one day. And on some level I get it; parading around for street style photographers outside a show may look silly to some, but this exchange between photographers, models, celebrities, editors and, yes, bloggers serves a necessary purpose in this industry. From a practical perspective, it provides content for websites like Vogue.com and from an artistic perspective provides a large platform for brands to display their most recent collections.

I’d like to give Vogue the benefit of the doubt here, and say that a few old-school editors representing an archaic mindset of the prestigious publication rattled off some thoughtless, bitter comments. Perhaps they’ll change their opinions after reading the responses of countless bloggers, followers, and readers alike who are firing back with their own opinions on who and what matters in our industry. I think it’s safe to say almost every designer, brand, and model in the fashion industry owes some of their success to the rise of social media and digital content. No one should be made to feel ashamed of that.

And yes, I am registered to vote.

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Check Out Pictures and Prices for Over Two Dozen of Chanel’s Fall 2016 Wallets, WOCs and Leather Accessories


Most bag lovers’ interest in accessories goes well beyond bags, and that’s especially true when it comes to fans of brands like Chanel, which produces one of the market’s widest arrays of small leather goods to complement (and, at times, replace) its bags. Along with its Fall 2016 handbag lookbook, Chanel released photos and pricing information for a selection of its accessories from the collection, and now we have all that information for you, should you want a new wallet or phone case for your wardrobe.

This season’s lineup features more additions to the popular Boy Chanel line than we’ve seen previously, including Wallet on Chain Bags and conventional wallets of various types. There are also a number of pieces dedicated to carrying your phones and iPads in a manner totally separate from a larger bag, and those are finished in the brand’s signature tweets and with leather-woven chain straps. Check out all that and more below.

5 eateries for Paris fashion week

Paris, finally! Like always, when we talk about the city of love, it is very hard to find words to really describe it. And that is why we won’t even try talking about the wonders of the French capital, we will write about French cooking skills instead… And how not to starve during fashion week, lol. There are tons of restaurants, as you surely imagine. We picked 5 among them, drawing on our experience and on the tips of friends and coworkers, so here we go, here are the 5 eateries you shouldn’t miss during fashion week. Go try them out, and let us know!

Chez Janou (2 rue Roger Verlomme)
This is everything you need if you wanted to eat in Paris, in our optinion: French food, and interiors with lots of character. They specialize in meat, although the menu also features excellent fish, and sweets are their special touch. Make sure you keep some space for dessert, and have a generous serving of their chocolate mousse.

Candelaria (52 rue de Saintonge)
Ok, let’s be honest: we really care about the ambiance around us, as much as about the quality of the dishes served. Candelaria is just the perfect example of a place that does it all right. No large furniture, no paintings: this room, with a direct view on the kitchen, is simple, welcoming and super cool. We recommend the weekend brunch, or if you’re in a rush, try their cocktails and their Mexican tapas. They are masters.

Nanashi Marais (57 rue Charlot)
Whether it is for lunch or dinner, this little place near the city centre is always a guarantee, for tourists as well as for locals. We recommend it for those who want to have a light meal, or for anyone who would like to try vegetarian, organic food. Have your dish with a cold-pressed juice, and remember, you can also go for an Asian dish!

Derrière (69 Rue des Gravilliers)
Who goes to Paris and doesn’t visit Notre Dame and the area around it? Nobody, that’s right. And that area is exactly where this wonderful restaurant is. When talking interiors, it is definitely our favorite on this list. It looks like a 1960s house, it is a little vintage, with a bohemian touch. Make sure you reserve a table before showing up, and don’t miss foie gras. You will love everything about this place!

QG PARIS (4 rue Nicolo)
You probably know by now, we love recommenging a wide range of places. That’s why we decided to also include a hamburger place, one of the best in Paris, in our opinion. Fries are a treat you must have here… Even if it is fashion week!

Chez Janou (Urbis Magazine) Chez Janou Chez Janou  (Instagram) Chez Janou  (Instagram) Chez Janou mousse chocolate  (Instagram) Candelaria Candelaria  (Instagram) Candelaria (Instagram) Nanashi Marais (Instagram) Nanashi Marais  (Instagram) Nanashi Marais  (Instagram) Derrière (Instagram) Derrière  (Instagram) Derrière  (Instagram) QG Paris GQ Paris


Para celebrar a cidade maravilhosa, e o fim da semana de moda italiana, fizemos um apanhado de tudo de mais cool que vimos em Milão, e aqui vai:

Uma tendência super forte no street style de Milão foram as listras. Sabe aquela camisa fio a fio azul-clara? Pois é! Agora elas tomaram conta até de calças, saias, e estão fazendo estilo nas ruas. Confira o look abaixo para se inspirar:

Outra tendência que tomou conta das ruas é o look “menos é mais”. Quando as fotos de street style surgiram, elas remetiam isso, mas com o passar do tempo, para você ser fotografada tinha que estar sempre super produzida. Agora voltamos a essência, e os looks hoje estão mais orgânicos, básicos e com muito estilo! Se inspire:

Confira outras fotos de street style na galeria abaixo e não deixe de acompanhar nosso Instagram @hbbackstage


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Fall-Winter 2016-2017 trends: gold

In case you missed out on the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 shows, we can fill you in with just one word: GOLD. Everything is gold, from accessories to clothing: gold is the king of catwalks right now, and we can’t wait to make it a part of our style in the cold season. Forget the connection between gold and evening outfits: designers suggest we wear it all day long, with no limits, experimenting as much as we like. Need some inspiration? We collected some images from our favorite shows in the gallery, take a look and get a few ideas on how to feel comfortable dressed in gold. What do you think?

Loewe Fall Winter 2016-2017 Loewe Fall Winter 2016-2017 Chanel Fall Winter 2016-2017 Chanel Fall Winter 2016-2017 Chanel Fall Winter 2016-2017 Céline Fall Winter 2016-2017 Céline Fall Winter 2016 2017 Céline Fall Winter 2016-2017 Gucci Fall Winter 2016-2017 Gucci Fall Winter 2016-2017 Gucci Fall Winter 2016-2017 Gucci Fall Winter 2016-2017 Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2016-2017 Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2016-2017 Tommy Hilfiger Fall Winter 2016-2017 Tommy Hilfiger Fall Winter 2016-2017 Lanvin Fall Winter 2016-2017 Marchesa Fall Winter 2016-2017 Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2016-2017 Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2016-2017 Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2016-2017 Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2016-2017 Valentino Fall Winter 2016-2017 Ralph LaurenRalph Lauren Fall Winter 2016-2017

Chiara Ferragni in Wonderland

Do you know where Wondeland is? One may think that it is an imaginary place, that only lives in our minds. But it actually exists…and it is in MILAN! It’s a special place we created for all our friends and guests that came to discover the new Chiara Ferragni Spring Summer 2017 collection during Milan Fashion Week. We found a beautiful space, Spazio Cernaia, thanks to Marcia Boni Pr, who helped us finding this amazing historical house in the center of Brera area. We welcomed all the beautiful people in the garden and they shared with us a great afternoon of fun and laughts. Can you spot the white rabbit in the pics?

chiaraferragni_vr6a9031 chiaraferragni_img_7294 chiaraferragni_img_7322 The crew _dsc0002 _dsc0006 _dsc0038 Giotto and Patricia _dsc0045 chiaraferragni_img_7284 chiaraferragni_vr6a8978 _dsc0063 chiaraferragni_img_7238 chiaraferragni_img_7249 chiaraferragni_img_7279 chiaraferragni_img_7282 chiaraferragni_img_7562 Chiara Ferragni team chiaraferragni_vr6a8975 chiaraferragni_vr6a8977 chiaraferragni_vr6a8979 chiaraferragni_vr6a8984 chiaraferragni_vr6a8989 chiaraferragni_vr6a8993 chiaraferragni_vr6a9052 chiaraferragni_vr6a9089 chiaraferragni_vr6a9119 Angelo, Chiara and Romy dsc_7715 dsc_7749 dsc_7756 dsc_7757 dsc_7795 dsc_7804 dsc_7812 dsc_7821 dsc_7935 dsc_7998

Update on Jackson…

 Sweater: Joe’s, old (love this similar style and this one!) | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity | Hat: Rag and Bone | Booties: Rag and Bone (sold out, similar style here and here) | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Lips: Jouer Cassis Lip Crème and Soar Liner by MAC … Ok I just want to start this post off with saying it’s late and […]

in the greenhouse


An adventure to Stone Barns…

img_5238 img_5128 img_5223 img_5199 img_5266 img_5122 img_5172 img_5259 img_5137 img_5184 img_5295 img_5225 img_5208 img_5279When fall hits I always want to go to a barn or farm. So a few weeks ago when I was starting to feel the sliiiightest breeze in the air, I was dying to go somewhere upstate and explore. There was a farm I wanted to go to that’s several hours away,but we ended up going to Stone Barns that’s only an hour away and had a fun time!

On the farm they have a beautiful greenhouse with all sorts of plants,but especially beautiful tomato plants. Once I spotted them I was dying to go into the greenhouse and shoot some photos for on here to show ya’ll! I am wearing almost head to toe Modcloth (their stuff goes together all so well!) and I thought this skirt was still on Modcloth’s site so I could link it for you,but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! So I’ll update this post if I do in fact find it. But I am wearing this trench skirt with a cropped tie up button down, my favorite light brown hat, and oxford heels that are so cute for fall. For the things that are sold out, I will try to link similar items down below. But they have some really cute new stuff if you’re looking for some cute new fall goodies!

I’m writing this post in my living room (while wearing a sweatshirt) with the windows down and letting in the crisp fall air. It hasn’t been an especially amazing day or anything (I’ve basically only been out to go to the gym) but this weather has me feeling like the happiest girl alive. I’m really trying to embrace it as much as I can this year.




Hat Asos // Button down C/O Modcloth // Trench skirt C/O Modcloth // Oxford heels C/O Modcloth // Jewelry vintage


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Terça-feira, 27/09

-Camisa Dsquared2

-Calça Cd+

-Scarpin Sergio Rossi

-Óculos Beta demi – Helena Bordon

Shop online: www.byhelenabordon.com

Shop the look:

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Bag of the Week: Kate Spade Masey Court Sherilyn Shearling Bag


Bag: Kate Spade Masey Court Sherilyn Shearling Bag

Price: $698 via Neiman Marcus

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Cold-weather fashion can be expensive because of its rich textures and materials, but this design lets you add a big dose of shearling to your wardrobe for a solidly three-figure price tag.

Arriverdeci Milano!

Hoje é o último dia em Milão, e para encerrar essa semana super corrida e especial, gostaríamos de agradecer os nossos parceiros que fizeram da semana ser ainda melhor!

Obrigada ao Hotel Principe di Savoia, onde ficamos hospedados e fez tudo ser incrível junto com a nossa agência On My Way Travel, que soube tudo que eu mais gostava e conseguiu me surpreender a cada dia! Tênis supera personalizado, chocolate, porta-retrato, e até uma makeup para o amfAR! Obrigada pelo carinho On My Way Travel.

Se vocês tem planos de ir para Milão, recomendo contatar a agência para eles criaram o um roteiro personalizado com tudo que você mais gosta, e claro, se hospedar no Principe!

Lá no hotel, eles contam com um serviço impecável! Tanto de room service, á concierge, spa, motoristas, enfim, foi realmente tudo muito especial! Muito obrigada a todos !

Veja algumas fotos do Principe e programe a sua viagem!

Para mais infos clique aqui.


Next stop -> Paris!!!

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Bottega Veneta Spring 2017 Celebrated the Brand’s 50th Anniversary with Both Women’s and Men’s Bags


Bottega Veneta doesn’t often debut brand new handbag designs, and when it does, it’s usually not on the runway. That means the brand’s Spring 2017 show, marking Bottega Veneta’s 50th anniversary, was a particular treat to the brand’s many dedicated fans: not only were there a bunch of new bags, but the lineup spanned both men’s and women’s collections.

For traditionalists, Bottega Veneta also included lots of old favorites along with the new pieces, like Knot Clutches, Rialto Shoulder Bags and Monaco Satchels. The juxtaposition of classic and new was in many ways the whole point of the show, spanning from details like the handbags to show-closing models Gigi Hadid and Lauren Hutton, who walked the runway arm-in-arm.

The new pieces were unmistakably BV, of course, but several of them skewed more structured and more hardware-adorned than the brand’s average. Check them all out, as well as the show’s men’s bags, below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

Pink Mania: backstage video + pics

La Vie en Rose is in Santa Monica this year! How about spending a day in the amusement park, enjoying cotton candy and listening to our favorite playlist on the beach with our new earcuff exclusively made for our e-store? We know…It’s a though, pink, job but someone has to do it:) Watch the video backstage behind and see all the editorial pics here!

What’s your favorite product? We know, it is an hard choice! Here you can find some backstage pics we love <3

_i5a0148 _i5a1027 _i5a0447 _i5a0179 _i5a0726 _i5a0213 _i5a1118 _i5a0297 _i5a1034 _i5a1120

Hair + Makeup: Nikki DeRoest
Video + pics: Nicolas Padron
Location: Santa Monica

Falling for Ruffles


ruffled-top-new-york-fashion-week street-style-fall-trends net-a-porter-street-style bright-colors-fall-fashion ruffles-style-for-fall blue-ruffled-top-for-fall pastel-colors-fall-trends new-york-fashion-week-trends ruffle-blouse-pink-pants ruffled-blouse-for-fall margo-and-me-fashion-blogger new-york-blogger-street-style net-a-porter-fashion-styleAfter the madness of New York Fashion Week dies down, I love taking this time to reflect about all of the incredible trends I saw on and off the runway. It’s always such an exciting time; so much possibility and opportunity for new styles: colors, shapes, and silhouettes. Something I noticed this season was the designer’s ability to capitalize on trends that were already on the rise. Taking something that people already love and bringing a fresh perspective and unique approach to it. Isn’t that one of the greatest fundamentals of fashion? It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the oh-so-feminine ruffle and it’s definitely having its moment in the sun. But how do designers find a way to keep a trend from becoming overdone and instead make it feel like a classic, staple piece? Read on – it’s simpler than you think and Net-A-Porter makes these dreams a reality!

Bold ruffles are definitely here to stay. Whether they’re framing your face, accentuating the hips, or falling off the shoulder so perfectly, they are definitely a dramatic, statement piece. They don’t need too many accessories because they do all the talking! But there are so many unique ways to feature the ruffle. I absolutely loved this look from Net-A-Porter. The Asymmetrical neckline’s nod to the 80’s is trés chic when paired with structural ruffles. It doesn’t hurt that this look was featured on so many different catwalks this season! Opt for an interesting neckline to make your ruffles pop!

Ruffled looks are often associated with summertime and breezy, warm-weather dresses. But as we transition into fall, I don’t want you to think that you have to pack away all your beautiful blouses and dresses! Ruffles aren’t just for spring! Layering plays a key role in so many stylish fall looks and by playing with a variety of different pieces, you can bring a whole new approach to the ruffle. Net-A-Porter has so many different options that I felt like I had died and gone to ruffle heaven! Think different textures, fabrics, and darker colors and prints. This allows you to feature some of your favorite key pieces and trends year round without feeling like you need to wait a year. Because what’s better than reinventing the wheel AND getting to wear your favorite trends year round?!

Photos by Fred Cipoletti.

barbour // timeless originals

// one // Coat: Barbour 'Border Cropped Mac Coat'. Sweater: Barbour. Denim: Current/Elliott. Shoes: Everlane. Sunglasses: Karen Walker
// two // Coat: Barbour 'Snow Bedale Puffer'. Skirt: Maje. Shoes: Christian Louboutin. Shirt: ATM. 
// three // Coat: Barbour 'Border Quilted Long Coat'. Plaid Top: Barbour. Skirt: Old. Bag: Strathsberry.
// four // Sweatershirt: Barbour. Overalls: Current/Elliott. Shoes: Adidas.
I am excited to partner with Barbour to introduce their Timeless Originals collection! You can shop the entire collection exclusively at Bloomingdales here. XO BEE

barbour // timeless originals

// one // Coat: Barbour 'Border Cropped Mac Coat'. Sweater: Barbour. Denim: Current/Elliott. Shoes: Everlane. Sunglasses: Karen Walker
// two // Coat: Barbour 'Snow Bedale Puffer'. Skirt: Maje. Shoes: Christian Louboutin. Shirt: ATM. 
// three // Coat: Barbour 'Border Quilted Long Coat'. Plaid Top: Barbour. Skirt: Old. Bag: Strathsberry.
// four // Sweatershirt: Barbour. Overalls: Current/Elliott. Shoes: Adidas.
I am excited to partner with Barbour to introduce their Timeless Originals collection! You can shop the entire collection exclusively at Bloomingdales here. XO BEE

Prada’s Spring 2017 Collection Includes Two Brand New Day Bags


For Prada Spring 2017, brand matriarch Miuccia Prada said that she wanted to de-intellectualize her normal design process in favor of finding some elegance in the here and now. The results were wearable pieces with luxe details like marabou and exotic leathers, as well as two new bag styles: a chain-strap flap bag and a duffel-style satchel.

The most notable details of both pieces were the broad, flat strips of leather they sported as accents. The flap bags used them as part of the closure, while the duffels featured them at either gusset, and while I like both new designs, I want to investigate the flap bag in particular in person. The strips of leather are quite long, and it’s not clear from how the models carried the bags on the runway (literally kept close to their vests) how they’re incorporated into the bag’s structure.

If the longer strip is removable or if the bag was shown half-open and it somehow tucks into the closure in a way that’s not clear from the photos, then it seems likely the bag will be popular among shoppers. If not, its appeal is may be more limited, which could be Prada’s intention in the first place: to create something unique and seasonal. Either way, both designs felt like interesting expansions of the brand’s accessories aesthetic. Check out all the photos below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

Wellness Challenge: Incorporating Downtime

wellness challenge: incorporating downtime
Did you successfully conquer logging out of your social accounts for one whole day last week? Doesn’t it feel great? It’s definitely one of the challenges I’m going to try and complete each week moving forward.

I’ve also been making it a priority to actually get relaxation in lately. I hate even typing that because laying low shouldn’t have to be scheduled into my agenda—and it’s not—but I feel like I should have more time to chill out. I’m assuming I’m not alone? When did it get so hard to just lay back and relax without having a neverending to-do list that takes over instead?

Summer wore me OUT and I’ve been in serious need of downtime. And because of that, I’m adding it into a challenge, hoping you guys feel like you could use it as well.

Challenge: Spend 2 hours this week incorporating downtime.

Ahhh, I love the sound of that already! I’ve realized that there will ALWAYS be something productive I could be doing – I think it’s part of being an adult. But for 2 beautiful hours this week, push all responsibilities aside, shut your bedroom door, tell your roommates or family to not disturb you (unless you don’t mind company while you relax) and DO YOU.

Take a nap, read a book you’ve been dying to get into, browse Pinterest, mediate, lay staring at the ceiling, whatever. Just embrace the act of doing nothing (or something low-key) and enjoy the chill. Don’t feel bad about it and try not to think of what you *should* be doing. Because you should be relaxing! Plus, the list will be waiting on the other side of downtime.

It might feel uncomfortable at first because a lot of us (sadly) aren’t used to it, but push through it even if you get bored. It’s incredibly good for your mind, body, soul, and wellbeing to rest and restore. Let your brain slow down. I guarantee you’ll feel so much better after getting in this downtime! Enjoy, xx!

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Get the Look: Dolce&Gabbana dinner

Como contamos para vocês, ontem foi o desfile da maioson italiana Dolce&Gabbana. O desfile é sempre super criativo, divertido, e a marca faz um show ao vivo na passarela.

Todo ano, após o desfile, eles promovem um jantar seguido de uma festa. Normalmente o jantar ocorre no Martini bar (restaurante e bar do Dolce&Gabbana) mas esse ano eles surpreenderam a todos com um jantar na rua. Incrível né?

A maison está abrindo uma nova loja em Milão, na Via Montenapoleone, e para criar um boom ainda maior, eles promoveram o jantar em frente ao loja na rua. Foi espetacular!
Confira algumas fotos abaixo e o look que a Helena usou para o jantar, era todo Dolce&Gabbana.


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Celebs Showcase Their New Fall Bags from Chloé, Miu Miu, & More


Autumn is officially upon us, and most celebs have already retired their favorite summer styles. Instead, their latest bag picks are velvet Miu Mius, suede Givenchy bags and other classic fall standbys. Some celebs are even mixing it up with a little white after Labor Day. Luscious textures and layers are plentiful right now, and we can’t be more than a week or two out from knee-high boots.

Grey x Black…

Cardigan: Madewell | Tee: Current Elliott | Jeans: Rag & Bone | Booties: Marc Fisher (on sale!!) | Bag: Givenchy (love this less expensive similar style) | Glasses: Karen Walker | Lips: Jouer Cassis Lip Crème and Soar Liner by MAC I am SO happy fall is officially here!! The weather here was pretty rainy and chilly all weekend, so we stayed […]

Queen of my castle: 8th look of MFW

This Saturday was amazing: Chiara celebrated the launch of her Spring Summer 2017 shoe collection surrounded by friends and family. After the event, she attended Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini show wearing a Miu Miu tiara (she is our queen, you know! ), a Frankie shirt, an Isabel Marant patent leather skirt and Chiara Ferragni SS17 boots.

Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 662069797_te_2646_e23e4b24a21c67b8f8a9574824a4ec7a 662069797_te_2579_85cb54ab410a382473eaa1eb2dad6f74 Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 662069797_te_2626_41e561ddf8036e1fb43a1f5d7dabda92 Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 662069797_te_2654_c32c40a51c99064e32d2f92405e3ef91 Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 662069797_te_2584_b745e89e8bf2533e2886756a338cbd3a Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 662069797_te_2600_4b8ff54ee0947f50867d05e71e3a6471 cover Street Style: September 24 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

Photos by Timur Emek

Hair and makeup by Meghan Nguy

Man Crush Monday: Jared Padalecki

Hands up if you forgot Jared Padalecki, a.k.a. Dean Forester, Rory’s boyfriend in Gilmore Girls. We know not many have forgotten about him at all, and to help those who did, maybe we should mention Supernatural, too, the series he stars in as the main character and that entered its 12 season this year. The actor owes his success to these two series. He is very enthusiastic about Gilmore Girls starting again, after almost ten years, as well as about Supernatural now coming to an end, after so long… Though we hope that is not really happening! Jared Padalecki is not just a skilled actor, he is also incredibly handsome, and a very tender father to his two sons. What we most appreciate of our MCM this week is his simple life, made of family and work, that he proudly showcases to his 2.5 million followers on his IG profile.

Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls Jared Padalecki #TBT Jared Padalecki Jared Padalecki by TinyPic Jared Padalecki #TBT instagram Jared Padalecki and his son (Instagram) Jared Padalecki (Instagram) Jared Padalecki in Supernatural Jared Padalecki editorial Jared Padalecki and his son (Instagram) Jared Padalecki (Instagram) Jared Padalecki (Instagram) Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve Cortese Jared Padalecki and his sons (Instagram) Jared Padalecki Supernatural frame Jared Padalecki (Instagram) Jared Padalecki and Stephen Amell (Instagram) Jared Padalecki Supernatural frame Jared Padalecki

Daytime sequins trend for Fall Winter 2016-2017

You may have realized that sequins have made a major comeback this season, and we obviously can’t wait to wear them! If you still think that sequins are only good for a night out, then you should know you’re not at all up to date with the new trend: it’s time to try something new, namely, daytime sequins! How can you make sure you do not go overboard? It’s very simple: match your sequins to a basic, classic or generally very easy piece of clothing… And there you go, you will look wonderful! You will find some casual styling ideas featuring sequins for Fall Winter 2016-2017 in our gallery. What do you think?

Miroslava Duma Filles à papa Fall Winter 2016-2017 North West in vetements Zara Fall 2016 Filles à papa Fall Winter 2016-2017 Filles à papa Fall Winter 2016-2017 Cover Magazine Parisian street style Miroslava Duma Tibi skirt Ashish Fall Winter 2016-2017 Filles à papa Fall Winter 2016-2017 Giamba Fall Winter 2016-2017 Giamba Fall Winter 2016-2017 Valentino Fall Winter 2016-2017 Valentino Fall Winter 2016-2017 Versace Fall Winter 2016-2017 Gucci Fall Winter 2016-2017 Gucci Fall Winter 2016-2017 Sonia Rykiel Fall Winter 2016-2017 Sonia Rykiel Fall WInter 2016-2017 Tibi top Ashish Fall Winter 2016-2017

MFW SS17 – DAY 5 – LOOK 2

O segundo look da Helena do último dia aqui em Milão foi para assistir ao desfile da Missoni. No look ela usou:

-Camiseta branca La Rouge

-Calça jeans Re/Done

-Casaco Missoni

-Tênis Yeezy

-Bolsa Dolce&Gabbana

-Óculos Fefa Preto, Helena Bordon. Clique aqui para ver mais fotos.

Confira mais fotos na galeria abaixo:

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