WeWatchedWhat – Hot & Steamy

We all know what it’s like… sitting in front of your TV trying to figure out what movie to order on demand- watching trailer after trailer while your popcorn bowl becomes half empty, indecisive about what to watch. Or how about standing outside of a movie theater with endless choices and no decision making skills. What to watch is something we can all relate to, and I have finally discovered the perfect solution. Moviegrade is the ultimate platform for recommendations, show times, and tickets, that matches you with your friends and like-minded moviegoers. After signing up, you get a list of recommendations for films in theaters and on demand based on movies you have rated through their app. Rotten tomatoes will be a thing of the past after this personable app officially launches. For my first list of #WeWatchedWhat I am sharing some of my favorite hot and steamy movies.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona- A love affair like no other- a man, a woman… and another woman #goals

50 Shades of Grey- Submissive or dominator… you decide.

Crazy Stupid Love- There is only one man- Shirtless Ryan Gosling- who could make the Dirty Dancing lift feel like legitimate foreplay.

Cruel Intentions- A wager to steal a virginity…nothing sexier than a little bet.

Dirty Dancing- Chemistry that’s as good on the dance floor as they are in the sheets, sign me up!

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Get the Look: SPFW 42- DAY 2

Day 2 da SPFW N42 com look super comfy para assistir ao desfile da Água de Coco. Entre as escolhas, destaque para os acessórios coloridos: Bolsa Paula Cademartori e óculos Doshow Helena Bordon. Get the look:

– Vestido Ellus

– Casaco Cris Barros

– Bota Dior

– Óculos Doshow azul, Helena Bordon. Em breve disponível para vendas – clique aqui!

– Bolsa Paula Cademartori

Check na galeria abaixo:

oculos helena bordon

oculos helena bordon

oculos helena bordon

oculos helena bordon

oculos helena bordon

oculos helena bordon

oculos helena bordon



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Wearing: Missguided Dress | New York & Company Belt (Similar) | Stuart Weitzman Boots

Shop similar below:

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Itty-Bitty Chanel Mini Bags Have Captured the Hearts of Our PurseForum Members


Our PurseForum members can attest that Chanel love comes in all shapes and sizes. They love their new Chanel purchases as well as their ever-growing Chanel collections. This week, we’re looking into how the tiniest Chanel Classic Flap Bags in particular have captured the hearts of our PurseForum members far and wide.

If you remember from our Ultimate Bag Guide, Chanel Classic Flap Bags are available in seven sizes, ranging from extra mini to maxi. The MINI MINI MINI Mini Flap Bag thread, located in the Chanel Clubhouse forum, is dedicated to Chanel’s three smallest Classic Flap sizes: extra mini, rectangular mini and square mini. Not only do our Forum members share their latest mini Chanel purchase with us, but they also show us how they wear them, so you can see just how mini these bags really are! We’re not too sure exactly what fits in these itty-bitty bags, but we’ll admit they’re pretty adorable in their miniature state.

If you want to pick up a Chanel Mini of your own, be sure to shop a selection of Chanel Mini Flap Bags via Bluefly, ShopBop and Vestiaire Collective.

Corpo: Última Chamada para o Verão!

Por Dra. Alessandra Fraga

Estamos na reta final para temporada de verão e festas de final de ano. Nesses 2 últimos meses do ano, a procura por tratamentos corporais sempre aumenta.

Quais são as dicas de procedimentos para deixar o corpo lindo e arrasar muito?

Opções não faltam, mas vamos otimizar! Objetivamente, o que funciona?

Number 1: Velashape III – agora com a performance total body shape conseguimos tratar gordura, flacidez e celulite de uma só vez. E a grande estrela neste verão, última novidade em tecnologia corporal. São realizadas 4 sessões de 1 hora cada. O intervalo entre as sessões é de até 15 dias.

Vanquish: Focado na redução de gordura. Resultados incríveis, é o aparelho que “seca” o abdômen. Agora já disponível a ponteira que trata braços e pernas também.

Cooltech: a última geração de criolipólise. Esse é o aparelho dos sonhos, você faz 1 sessão de 70 minutos e vai embora, 2 meses depois a mágica acontece. Redução muito expressiva da gordura da área tratada.

Bom, com esse “combo tecnológico”, não tem como não arrasar no verão e nas festas!

Let´s celebrate!!


Dra. Alê Fraga.

Dra. Alessandra Fraga é dermatologista do Hospital Albert Einstein e da clínica mf. Membro titular da Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia, American Academy of Dermatology e European Academy of Dermatology and Venearology. Fez sua especialização em laser na Harvard Medical School e em oncologia cutânea na Itália.

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How to Take the Perfect (Instagram) Picture


margoandme-4-1 italian-riviera-gorgeous-landscape summer-swimsuit-fashion-italy capri-travel-diaries-margo-and-me italian-riviera-fashion-stylist romantic-beach-italian-getaway italy-boats-jenny-cipoletti retro-bikini-capri-style capri-big-rock-iconic margo-and-me-travel-diary italy-boats-still-life navy-bikini-structured-hat fontelina-beach-capri-margo-me italy-vacation-blog-photography two-piece-summer-style jenny-cipoletti-italy-vacation high-waisted-bikini-style capri-italy-honeymoon-location private-beach-italian-rivieraI interrupt this week’s scheduled content for an important message! A lot of you darlings have been reaching out to me for insider tips and tricks when it comes to blog related content. In keeping with the idea of serving as a resource for each and every one of you, I wanted to share some advice and guidance on how to take the perfect picture and how to hone in on your aesthetic – specifically for Instagram – even if you’re not a professional photographer like me. I’m constantly hearing about the latest editing apps and newest camera lenses and I know how easy it is to get super overwhelmed by everything new and exciting. So without further ado, I wanted to share a peak into my process and how I’ve really cultivated my aesthetic as a content creator.

Defining Your Aesthetic

I really believe that style is something you can’t teach. We all have such a clear, defined idea of what personal style means to us. The art is in finding a way to channel it. It’s taken me so long to truly cultivate my aesthetic and it’s important to note that it’s always a work in progress. Always changing and evolving as my life is changing and evolving! It all starts with a strong thesis statement and a deep understanding of what it is you’re trying to communicate, what you’re truly passionate about. From here, it’s easy to come up with ideas and strong concepts that further this. Initially, I started my journey as a fashion PR expert and stylist but in time, I’ve come to understand what’s important to me and that is content creation. In the last few years, my perspective on life and style has become so heavily influenced by the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met, and the places I’ve travelled. So much so, that my style and blog is a direct reflection of that. A little secret?! I was JUST nominated by Shopstyle for their first ever Shopstyle Awards for Best Jet Setter Style! I am so honored to accept their nomination and was so humbled. My love of personal style and travel is so deeply rooted in who I am and this is simply an extension of that. More information on how you can vote coming soon!! 

The Perfect Lighting Make for Perfect Photos

It may seem like an obvious tip, but I don’t think people realize how important good lighting is for a photograph. It’s key to consider your surroundings and your environment when creating images for your content. Cloud coverage is great for capturing the best outdoor moments. If there IS sun outside, it’s always important to make sure that you’re always shooting with the sun behind you, when it’s not high in the sky, so late afternoon normally works best. Without fail, the most liked photos on my page are the ones with backlight in them. Backlight, when done right, makes for really dreamy, whimsical images. But it’s all about your style. Direct light makes for strong stark shadows and bright colors. Stylistically, knowing what you prefer and sticking to it will help your feed stay consistent (it’s not just about a filter people! It’s about consistent lighting!)

Mastering the Art of the Flatlay

There are so many unique approaches to the quintessential flatlay. It’s something that generated so much traction with the rise of Pinterest, Instagram, and so many other visual platforms. It allows you to express your creativity and individuality while still showcasing your styling and merchandising skills. It’s all about composition, layering and light. Start with a theme and build it out from there. First, select your focal object and point and then incorporate an array of colors to support the main piece through the use of styling props (bags, florals, magazines, etc.) that feel like an extension of the main item you are featuring in the image. If you want a more hands on approach, check out my YouTube video on mastering the art of the flatlay!

Consider your Background

When shooting street style looks, remember to consider the background. You want to create depth through your backdrop to create more interest in the photo (shot at an angle, not straight on). The key is to make your outfit POP, right? So choose a backdrop that has a similar color palette that lets your style do all the talking! You can make informed decisions about site locations and where to shoot based on the already existing content on your blog or Instagram. Take note of the colors and styles you’ve been focusing on lately so everything feels cohesive and organic. It should read like your perfect story!

My Favorite How To’s

When it comes to styling fashion and beauty photos, there are so many different ways in. I’m a self-professed beauty fanatic and am obsessed with all things skincare and make-up. You guys are always asking for tutorials, so one of my favorite things to do on Snapchat, is to share a behind the scenes look on some of my favorite beauty topics (User name is Margoandme). Secret to the perfect cat eye? How to perfect the infamous bold lip? As far as I’m concerned, honest is the best policy! I want everyone to be able to achieve what I’m doing on my blog. I want it to be super accessible. So, don’t be afraid to bare it all when it comes to talking about beauty rituals. I find that you guys always want to know how I really achieve the looks I showcase on the blog and are so appreciative when I let you into my world. That was one of my major reasons for developing my YouTube channel and continuing to share my everyday travels via Snapchat. It gives you an even closer look into my world and the girl behind the blog!

I hope this was helpful and informative for each of you and can’t wait to see how you take all of these tools and apply them into your content! And don’t be afraid to share your insider tips for creating amazing, cohesive content – I love learning new things. After all, it’s what keeps me challenged and inspires me most!

Photos by Fred Cipoletti.

Hermès’s Website Now Has More Bags Available for Purchase Than Ever Before, Including Exotics


Before you get your hopes up: no, you still can’t buy an Hermès Birkin or Kelly Bag online, straight from the brand. (Although there are certainly other places you can pick one up.) Beyond those two highly sought-after designs, though, now’s the best time ever to be buying brand new Hermès bags on the Internet, thanks to the brand’s own online store. As quotidian as that sounds in The Year of Our Lord 2016, it does make Hermès something of an anomaly among its top-tier competitors in the luxury accessory market.

Hermès doesn’t have a direct competitor in the fashion industry–its handbags are the most expensive and most universally highly regarded in the world. Louis Vuitton, Chanel and sometimes Céline come close, though, as far as offering rarified ultra-luxury accessories, and all of those brands are varying levels of stingy when it comes to selling their bags online. Chanel and Céline decline to participate in the practice entirely (although Chanel’s entrance into the online accessories market is said to be forthcoming), and although Louis Vuitton sells its lower-priced canvas bags and some leather online, you have to contact the brand by phone or in person to get exotics. That hasn’t been the case with Hermès for quite a while, and it’s certainly not the case right now–not only are lots of the brand’s popular bags available, but most of them are available in multiple sizes, abundant colors and, for some of them, even the brand’s ultra-rare exotic leathers.

Luxury brands have long shied away from e-commerce because it threatened their traditional senses of exclusivity and rarity, and when consumers no longer associate those ideas with a high-end designer, they’re usually also no longer willing to pay top-tier prices for goods bearing its name. Hermès, though, is proof of concept for the idea that online availability doesn’t necessarily cheapen a brand’s value in the eyes of consumers. If you make an exceptional product, it will always feel rare and people will be happy to buy it no matter where it’s available.

That’s good news for Hermès lovers, and especially those who are outside of the posh urban centers where luxury boutiques usually crop up. Below, we’ve picked over a dozen of our favorite currently available bags from Hermès’s selection, and you can shop the full edit (on the brand’s admittedly frustrating-to-navigate website) right here.

How To Unwind While Traveling

You guys may have seen on my Snapchat or Instagram that on a recent business trip to New York, we had to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas! It was super scary (I freaked out!), but we made it safely to New York after one interesting night in Vegas.

I travel fairly often and after 30+ years of doing so, I’ve found how to switch my mindset and make the experience a lot better. Traveling used to feel stressful and like a waste of time, but I’ve started making it a peaceful, relaxing experience—when I’m not emergency landing! After all, it’s a time where you can unplug and focus on you. Here are a few ways that I unwind while on the road:


I meditate anywhere and everywhere. The plane (or car if you aren’t driving!) is a perfect time to center yourself and focus on your breath. Take time to close your eyes, count in for about 5 seconds, hold for 5, then release. Do this over and over until it no longer feels good. This can be especially helpful if the whole flying thing stresses you out!

Read or listen

Traveling is when I can seriously catch up on reading. And while I love a real book at times, I’ve been really into listening to them. Sometimes reading on a plane can make me queasy—and if I’m on a road trip I obviously can’t read—so Audible has become my BFF. It’s super simple; you just download a book and then listen to it on WiFi or not – another thing I love because I’m not always connected to the Internet. Into it? Try it out with a 1-month free trial right here! There’s something soothing about listening to a book via my headphones, and it’s become a staple for me.

Here’s what I’m listening to lately: Love Warrior (part of Oprah’s book club which I’m always a fan of, and it’s a memoir of a great author), Amy Schumer’s book, and The Power of Habit.


If I’m traveling, it’s a great time to turn inward, slow down, and listen to what my body is telling me. There’s usually not a lot else to focus on – especially while on a plane – so I love to bring my journal and let it out. I jot down any concerns, goals, thoughts, memories, ideas, etc. – basically just get everything in my mind out on paper. I always feel much lighter after doing this practice!

What’s your favorite way to unwind while traveling?

Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are truthfully my own!

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O ultimo desfile que fechou o SPFW N42 ontem foi a marca que amamos Lilly Sarti. Junto com o lançamento da sua coleção resort, a marca inaugurou o seu e-commerce ontem. Muito fluido, tecidos esvoaçastes com cintura marcado, branco, e cores terrosas, tomaram a coleção da dupla Lilly e Renata Sartilevam.

Seguindo o mesmo padrão de outros shows, você pode encontrar as peças nas araras da loja e no e-commerce! Woho!

Confira o desfile na nossa galeria:

Lilly Sarti

SPFW - N42

Outubro / 2016

foto: Ze Takahashi / FOTOSITE Lilly Sarti

SPFW - N42

Outubro / 2016

foto: Ze Takahashi / FOTOSITE Lilly Sarti

SPFW - N42

Outubro / 2016

foto: Ze Takahashi / FOTOSITE Lilly Sarti Lilly Sarti

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The Givenchy Antigona is Dead, Long Live the Givenchy Antigona (and More Celebrity Bag Picks!)


Every time I note that celebs are finally slowing their Givenchy Antigona roll, the universe responds by unleashing a plethora of Antigona-weilding celebs in front of paparazzi cameras. Back in September, Megs posited that the Antigona might be over, and just days ago, I observed, “We have seen notably fewer Antigonas in the last few months, and I suspect its long reign of supremacy may finally be winding down.” NOPE.

Not so much. As if on cue, celebs dug out their Antigonas and hit the streets. Those who didn’t mostly carried Chanel, which is a good bet no matter the week.

Get the Look: SPFW 42- DAY 1

O primeiro look da Helena para o SPFW N42 foi para ir ao desfile do EXPERIMENTO NOHDA. Esse ano o grupo formado pelos estilistas Patricia Bonaldi, Luiz Claudio do Apartamento 03 e Lucas Magalhães,s e uniram e fizeram um desfile lindo! Get the look que a Helena usou:

-Camiseta Gucci

-Calça Gucci

-Flat Alberta Ferretti

-Óculos Zera Transparante, Helena Bordon. Clique aqui para ver mais fotos.

Check na galeria abaixo:

_dsc8506 _mg_8814

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Ellie Bamber

She has the typical looks of an English teenager: red hair, blue eyes and a few freckles. Ellie Bamber has totally gone global, though, way beyond the borders of the UK: at only 19, Ellie is among the most popular actresses right now. Her career started on stage when she was 12, in a musical, in which she was the main character — she never stopped after that. 2016 is her year — on TV, on stage and on the silver screen, also thanks to her roles in Pride and Prejudice, Zombie and Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, all of which contributed to land her on the most famous red carpets in the world. And that’s not all: the most recent news is that Ellie will star in the new Disney movie, The Nutcracker in 3D, with Keira Knightley and Morgan Freeman. We have to give it to her: she is doing it everything right to get the perfect career, we have to give it to her. We saw her on every possible kind of stage, now it is time to enjoy seeing her in the gallery, with the best photos of our WCW of the week.

ellie_nice _bam bamb eellie ellie-bam ellie-bam_ ellie-black ellie ellie_1 elli_ ellie_bam lovely ellie_bambe ellie_bamby ellie_cannes ellie_ok elliebam teen

All the images are taken from Ellie Bamber Instagram profile

a colorful fall //

Denim: Current Elliott. Sweater: Old, similar here and I have this cropped cable one on repeat. Toggle Coat: Land's End (similar here, last seen here). Blanket: Hudson's Bay. Hat: Hudson's Bay (also love the peacoat here). Boots: Hunter (see my other favorite hunter looks here and here).

a colorful fall //

Denim: Current Elliott. Sweater: Old, similar here and I have this cropped cable one on repeat. Toggle Coat: Land's End (similar here, last seen here). Blanket: Hudson's Bay. Hat: Hudson's Bay (also love the peacoat here). Boots: Hunter (see my other favorite hunter looks here and here).

Quarta-feira, 26/10

-Blusa Caroline Constas

-Calça Amapô

-Espadrille Schutz

-Bolsa Chloé

-Óculos Beta, Helena Bordon

Shop online:


Shop the Look:


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Tuesday Tunes #4

Hello on the week 4 of #TuedayTunes! Ruy and me are happy to receive good feedback on the songs we’ve posted over the last 3 weeks. Over the next week we are planning to have a guest to curate Tuesday Tunes for you  – See you then! Now, the picks of the week:


White Iverson by Post Malone

I was still listening to White Iverson  by Post Malone over the last days. While it was released last year, it became one of those songs that I try to listen to not so often, and my love for it grew so much, yet gradually. I then discovered the new Deja Vu while Ubering in Paris last week, and the sweet ride by the river made that my souvenir of this song makes me feel too relaxed and cheerful.

Deja Vu by Post Malone ft Justin Bieber

Never be like you by Flume

In the same mood of the previous songs, I’ve istened to Flume’s Skin Album some twenty times this year, mostly while I am jogging.


Am I wrong by anderson .paak

Sensation of the year Anderson .Paak was introduced to me only this summer thanks to a couple of friends from California. His warm and soulful voice and lyrics are too magnetic in each song of Malibu, an album where Anderson .Paak tells a personal story of his life. Which is your favorite?


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Riviera OOTD: 60s Resort

Good evening guys!

Tonight I have a small update on my life in France for you. My settling here turned out to be too long. Finally it is going to finish next week. I cannot wait to spend some calm days on the terrace of my apartment on Cap d'Antibes. However, I will still keep myself busy. This week I am attending an event organised by Printemps. It promises to be really exciting! November will begin with a celebration of my birthday. It will be really nice not to have snow and cold weather during this day for a change. Later on two November trips will follow: Switzerland and Ukraine here I come! One more event in Negresco in the middle of the month is waiting for me as well.
An outfit for today's post is inspired by the 60s era. My collaboration with River Island has enabled me to bring my inspiration to life. I really like these boots for fall season. I started getting tired of a usual lace and needed an edgy dress. Paired it up with pastels. What do you think about the look?

Bisous, Anna

Dress, Boots RIVER ISLAND, Bag PRADA, Sunglasses CELINE

Riviera OOTD: 60s Resort

Good evening guys!

Tonight I have a small update on my life in France for you. My settling here turned out to be too long. Finally it is going to finish next week. I cannot wait to spend some calm days on the terrace of my apartment on Cap d'Antibes. However, I will still keep myself busy. This week I am attending an event organised by Printemps. It promises to be really exciting! November will begin with a celebration of my birthday. It will be really nice not to have snow and cold weather during this day for a change. Later on two November trips will follow: Switzerland and Ukraine here I come! One more event in Negresco in the middle of the month is waiting for me as well.
An outfit for today's post is inspired by the 60s era. My collaboration with River Island has enabled me to bring my inspiration to life. I really like these boots for fall season. I started getting tired of a usual lace and needed an edgy dress. Paired it up with pastels. What do you think about the look?

Bisous, Anna

Dress, Boots RIVER ISLAND, Bag PRADA, Sunglasses CELINE


Hoje foi o dia da Lolitta apresentar sua coleção de Resort no SPFW! E como sempre a querida Lolitta Hannud deu um show nas passarelas !!

A coleção foi apresentada no Shopping Iguatemi, dentro da Livraria Cultura, e foi composta por maiôs e biquínis com faixas escritas a logomarca, seguindo a mesma cartela de cor da sua coleção de verão, surgiram peças frescas e fáceis para usar em diversas ocasiões da vida! Para quem já está desesperada para adquirir a sua, uma good news: as peças já estão a venda nas duas lojas da marca. See now, buy now, conquistando o coração de todos os estilistas mesmo!

Confira a coleção completa e escolha a sua preferida:


Lolitta Lolitta

SPFW - N42

Outubro / 2016

foto: Ze Takahashi / FOTOSITE

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What I Learned in My First Experience Buying a Pre-Owned Bag Online


Each year, I like to treat myself to one big bag purchase. In a way, it’s my motivation to save money and curb my spending on other nonsense throughout the year. Last year, all of you helped me make a decision between a Chanel Wallet-on-Chain Bag or the Saint Laurent Monogram Satchel, and this year my indecision was between Valentino’s signature Rockstud pumps and a Céline Phantom Luggage Tote. Even after buying the Rockstud pumps, I wasn’t fully satisfied with my purchase, and after much internal debate and contemplation, I realized my heart was set on the Céline, which I ended up purchasing through FashionPhile. Now that I’ve owned the bag for a while and had some time to reflect, it’s time to look back on the experience.

Buying a new handbag at a boutique is great, but saving up over $3,000 (plus tax!) takes time and financial sacrifice for almost anyone. After I return my Rockstuds, though I was determined to find a way to buy the Céline. I considered selling some bags I no longer use, and I also hoped my boyfriend might surprise me for my birthday. (I even left him not-so-subtle hints, but he wasn’t budging). My solution, however, came while I was doing my handbag duties here at PurseBlog. While looking through some older posts, I came across this informative guide from Amanda: The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Designer Bags Online. I took a step back and read through the post with an entirely different mindset: as a reader ready to learn about making a pre-owned bag purchase for the first time.

I’ll admit, the thought of buying a pre-loved bag had never even crossed my mind, but after checking the recommended websites, I knew I had found my Céline solution. Out of all the sites listed, I personally fell in love with Fashionphile because it was easy to navigate and the selection of designer handbags and accessories was massive. As I’m sure many of you can understand, buying a luxury handbag isn’t a one-and-done process–there’s lots of looking and shopping and considering–and I quickly began to learn that buying a used luxury bag can be even lengthier. Now that I was on the hunt for the Céline of my dreams and browsing Fashionphile’s Céline offerings, I finally found the bag I’d been looking for: the Phantom Luggage Tote in corc-stamped black leather. The best part, of course, was that the lower (used!) price was within my existing budget.

You would think my story would end here, but not quite. Like the old saying goes: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. With that in mind, I began to second-guess myself. I found the bag of my dreams and that was the problem–why did I find the bag and no one else beat me to it? Why was this one still available? Was there some sort of problem I hadn’t noticed? I decided to wait a couple of days and think about my purchase. Any spare second I had went to stalking the site, researching client reviews and practically memorizing the return policy. After talking about it with Amanda in the office one day, she helped calm my nerves and assured me that I was making the right decision. The next day, the bag was still on the site and I pulled the trigger; the Céline of my dreams was mine!

Anticipating the bag’s arrival felt like the longest wait in history, but when the package finally arrived at my doorstep, I was so excited to have a Céline to call my own–something I never thought would happen. After inspecting my new bag, I didn’t have any doubts about its authenticity, but just to be on the safe side of things, I decided to have the bag authenticated on our PurseForum. (If you want to authenticate a bag of your own on tPF, all you need to know is right here.) Within a day, one of our knowledgable members assured me my new Phantom Luggage Tote is authentic.

I’ve owned the bags for six months now, and I truly love it. It’s big enough to carry everything I need for work, and it never feels cumbersome to me. I’m also happy to report that my next possible bag purchase in 2017 may just be another pre-owned handbag treasure.

New York em transformação

A cidade de New York é realmente uma das mais impressionantes no mundo. Não só por ser uma cidade onde tudo acontece, mas pela grande diversidade de pessoas, e também por estar em constante evolução.

Para quem não sabe, NY antigamente era uma cidade super poluída e muito perigosa, e hoje é a Big Apple! Um dos maiores centros econômicos e sociais do mundo.

Se você acha que a cidade não tem mais o que melhorar, está enganado. Vamos contar alguns projetos que vão fazer você se encantar ainda mais pela grande metropole. Check:


O projeto foi chamado de +Pool e vai dar as pessoas a oportunidade de nadar nas águas dos rios que cercam toda a cidade. A piscina flutuante, tem um mecanismo que faz com que a água do próprio rio seja instantaneamente tratada e utilizada para banho sem uso de aditivos químicos. Incrível, não?

A expectativa é que seja aprovado o projeto e fique pronto em dois ou três anos.


O projeto vai fazer parte do novo bairro Hudson Yards, e foi chamado de Vessel. Promete ser a nova Torre Eiffel de NY! Consiste em 45 metros de altura, de escadas rolantes, todas inspiradas na antiga forma encontrada na Índia. Está para ser lançado em 2018. Confira detalhes abaixo:



Depois do sucesso do HIGH LINE agora NY vai ter o primeiro parque embaixo da terra. E qual é a dificuldade do projeto? Fazer com que as plantas cresçam sem presença do sol. E deu certo! Foi criado um laboratório para experimentar uma forma de captação solar chama “Remote Skylight”. O projeto deve ficar pronto totalmente no final do ano. Ihul! Enquanto isso você já pode visitar o experimento nos fins de semana na 140 Essex Street.

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How to wear overknees without looking overdressed

Turning your wardrobe upside down because your outfit absolutely needs a touch of oh là là today? Overknee boots can be your secret ingredient to provide you with loads of it! They’re the best item to instantly spice up your look.

Handle overknee boots with care, though, because they can also easily look over the top. If you want to look totally stunning without overdoing it — and risk being mistaken for a lady of loose morals — make sure you keep these styling tricks in mind.

  1. Never wear them with fishnet tights or leather skirts, unless 50Cent just decided to do a new version of Candyshop and you are the new star.
  2. Don’t show too much skin: showing half of your thigh is enough. If you also go for a nice décolleté or nude shoulders, people won’t know where to look anymore.
  3. Go for a total look. If you want to look chic, keep it simple: wearing blue, black or beige from head to toe will gives you a classy, star-like allure. Promise!
  4. Mix in some denim: if you feel overdressed, grab your denim jacket. It’s the best way to dress down and go casual.
  5. Choose warm colours rather than excessively bright ones, since over knee boots are very eye-catching. If you wear them in bright red or with flashy clothes, you might be mistaken for a neon light.

Need some inspiration? Check out our four favourite looks below.

img_0033 Lost Ink  Zara  Diane von Furstenberg  Redone  Topshop  img_0030 Zara  Fendi  Mango  Moncler  Mango  img_0032 Steve Madden  Zara  And Other Stories  Mark Cross  img_0031 Valentino  Stella McCartney  H&M  Calzedonia  Zara 

Get the Season’s Comfiest Casual Look with 10 Super Cool Sneakers and Their Perfect Handbag Pairs


A couple years ago, half the fashion industry simultaneously decided it wanted to wear flats. For those of us who still have functioning nerves in our feet and calves, this was a godsend: it’s wonderful to be able to be comfortable and feel like you’re presenting yourself well at the same time. This embrace of flats has gone far beyond a dainty ballet flat or trendy gladiator sandal, though–the industry finally got around to embracing sneakers, which have been a part of streetwear culture for decades. Hallelujah.

In those intervening years, I’ve become something of a sneakerhead. A sports injury from my youth and my professional involvement in the fashion industry made the opportunity to invest in some really cool, really comfortable shoes too tempting to pass up, and now I have so many they line one of the walls of my bedroom, in addition to filling my under-bed storage. (And that’s only the ones that aren’t precious enough to be stored in their original boxes.) The occasions on which I don’t wear sneakers are few and far between, and that means I’ve gotten pretty good at pairing them with every kind of clothing imaginable. Naturally, that facility has extended to bags.

I want all of you to be as comfortable and stylish this fall as possible, so if you’re still a little unsure how to incorporate sneakers into your wardrobe without feeling like you just came from the gym, check out some guidance below for a bevy of different aesthetics.